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Why Are Computer Case Makers Using Tempered Glass For Covers Now

In the ever-evolving world of computer hardware, the design of computer cases has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years. A significant shift has been observed as computer case manufacturers have started using tempered Glass for covers. This transition has left many tech enthusiasts and builders intrigued, wondering why this change is happening and what benefits it brings. This comprehensive article will delve deep into the reasons behind this shift, exploring the advantages, trends, and innovations driving the adoption of tempered Glass in computer case manufacturing.

Why is Tempered Glass Cover a Good Choice for Your PC

Manufacturers and PC upgraders constantly look for new platforms to display their creations. With all the modern technology, more and more people are choosing fashionable PC cases with cutting-edge features and eye-catching designs. This slowly started to catch on among manufacturers of PC cases, and as an idea, it was widely welcomed.

Nowadays, you can find various cases with sophisticated features like sci-fi curves or LED illuminations. Since price and looks go in a different direction most of the time, PC case makers have found a good solution. PC cases with tempered glass panels have an excellent balance between looks, price, and visual enhancement, and they provide all-around protection while giving your case that classy look.

Tempered Glass adds that stylish and classy touch, avoiding that bulky look of your case while, at the same time, it’s more impact-resistant and harder than regular Glass. Also, tempered glass material is much better than plastic or aluminium when it comes to noise-containing, so you will enjoy your daily computer routine without having to think about some annoying cooler or any sound in the background.

These are just some of the main reasons tempered glass cases are much better than aluminium or plastic ones. This Glass is also scratch-resistant, and it is striking in appearance. For example, the Phanteks Evolv ATX glass edition combines sandblasted aluminium with tempered glass panels.

The Modern Features

Some of these chassis feature a light controller that lets you update your lighting manually without messing with a software solution. In addition, most cases can even have small dust filter slides that cover and protect the power supply’s air inlet.

Many PC users like to show the inside of their cases and put their hardware on display. When you can use an RGB lighting kit that can switch colours to improve your gaming experience or any experience, you can only imagine what your tempered glass cover will look like in the dark. It will give your PC that mean, killer gaming look while keeping it stylish, classy, modern and up-to-date. Depending on your preferences and what you want, a full tower or a compact system, you need to consider your motherboard form and connectivity features. The main board size is your determining factor in any given case.

Now, you must consider whether this PC case is a good choice. Do you want this material, and do you like the benefits and aesthetic it brings?

Why Do PC Cases Use Tempered Glass

Why one material could be used for panelling a computer case is a question of why it is now more prevalent than it once was. We may list a few indicators that can provide us with clearer insights into this, even though some may be subjective and depend on the individual’s preferences. Any online community you visit will provide various responses regarding personal preferences.

Tempered Glass may be preferred in desktop cases for a few practical reasons. In a later section, we will discuss some of the main advantages and potential drawbacks, but strength is a crucial factor in why the Glass used to make these panels is tempered.

There may be some strength in common Glass. Glass can be tempered to make it more durable overall. Glass is treated with a combination of chemicals by the manufacturer of glass panes as they develop it. Doing this makes the Glass stronger and more durable than a conventional pane of regular Glass. This increased hardness level is advantageous in many applications, but it is especially helpful when considering computer cases.

Your computer has some respectable impact protection because tempered Glass is stronger than usual. The glass panelling should shield a computer case that often rests on or beneath a desk for most of the time, even though it may be challenging to establish just how much protection it provides. Additionally, professionals in this industry ensure that tempered Glass doesn’t shatter like regular Glass. Regular Glass has sharp fragments that can cut or harm some computer components if they break. You can reduce the potential harm the Glass may bring to you and your computer by breaking it into dull pieces.

What Are the Pros & Cons of a Tempered Glass PC Case

Tempered Glass has other advantages besides strength, which may be a major factor in why people choose it for computer cases. We’ll go over some common benefits you might experience if you switch to tempered glass PC cases, and then we’ll discuss some potential drawbacks you might experience.


  1. Many computer users prefer extensive control over their desktop PCs’ appearance. They can display some unique alterations they’ve made to the machine’s interior by including at least one panel of tempered Glass. Users of computers can add lights, unique colours, and other attractive features to their components, and they want to be able to see them through the cover.
  2. Tempered Glass should be more resistant to developing scratches than its plastic counterpart based on its strength. While dents or marks could still occur in a tempered glass casing, the likelihood of this happening should be lower than with acrylic.
  3. You should note that, overall, using a tempered glass case makes considerably less noise than you can hear compared to other cases. The Glass should absorb the background noise produced by powerful fans or active processors more easily.
  4. The tempered glass case should have superior clarity to similar products. Though there may be exceptions, these panels should exhibit less cloudiness or surface imperfections than those that accumulate in cases of other types. In connection with that, if it does begin to become clouded or discoloured, wiping it clean shouldn’t leave any microscopic scratches on the glass’ surface.


  1. Tempered glass cases are often more expensive than non-tempered ones due to their demand and relatively high production costs. If you desire many glass panels for your case, you must invest more money in its maintenance and appearance.
  2. Tempered Glass should not break as easily as other types of Glass, but it is still feasible to damage such a case. When touching or moving your computer case, use caution. It should be good if you don’t drop it or move it while using it normally.
  3. While there are many ways to customize plastic or metal panels, tempered Glass cannot be customized similarly. The material is much more difficult once the creators have moulded it to the size and form you need to transform it into a computer case.
  4. The Glass could be detrimental to the ventilation within the computer, depending on the characteristics of the cases or panels you purchase. Less space or locations may be available for intakes that can vent air into and out of the casing. The interior of the casing might get hotter than it would normally be with such a design.


Do all PC Cases Have Tempered Glass?

Nowadays, nearly every case available in the market has a tempered glass side panel. Case manufacturers are now building cases with tempered Glass on the front, top, and sides. Even if you want the best budget PC case, you might still find a tempered glass option.

Can Tempered Glass Cover Improve Your Gaming Experience?

When you can use an RGB lighting kit that can switch colours to improve your gaming experience or any experience, you can only imagine what your tempered glass cover will look like in the dark. It will give your PC that mean, killer gaming look while keeping it stylish, classy, modern and up-to-date.

Is the Tempered Glass Panel Worth it?

The tempered glass panel on this case (especially because it has a bit of a smoky tint) is worth it. The full glass panel shows all the components very nicely, and it gives the case a more premium look without compromising in other areas by much or at all.


The adoption of tempered Glass in computer case manufacturing is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the tech industry. With its blend of aesthetics, durability, and functionality, tempered Glass has captured the imagination of PC enthusiasts worldwide. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in PC design, one thing is clear: tempered glass cases are here to stay, shaping the future of computer case aesthetics and functionality.

Remember, choosing a computer case is not just a practical decision; it’s a statement of your passion and style. Embrace the trend of tempered glass cases, and let your creativity shine through your PC setup.



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